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Energy Squiggle Contest

Energy Squiggle Contest

LAGCOE joined forces with Acadiana artist, Aileen Bennett, to bring you the Energy Squiggle Contest. In March, Aileen created The Squiggle Contest to help parents engage children at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The theme for the squiggle was energy, but all submissions were welcomed
  • The winner was selected from participants age 13 and under
  • The winner  received a $25 gift card to Big Boy Toys and Hobbies, a local Lafayette business
  • The deadline for submissions was December 31 by emailing
  • Julia, 12 with the " Dreaming of a White Oil Rig Christmas" won the contest.
  • All submissions are highlighted here and on LAGCOE's social media platforms

Many people Downloaded the squiggle and had fun.  

Here are the 2020 Squiggle Entries

Arumi, 9
Bunny by Esther, 6
David, 7
Dreaming of a White Oil Rig Christmas by Julia, 12
Electric Cat by Andrew, 15
Gregory Melancon
Hare (cute) by Lillian, 9
It’s a hot electrifying day Pug by James, 11
Oil Drop by Brittany Delcambre
Rhino by Elizabeth, 8
Seahorse by Mimi, 9
Should Have Chewed Better by Charisse Douget
Take the Tree Down and Start a New Year by Nola, 9
Watch the Light! Elf by Elena Treadway

LAGCOE staff also joined the fun. See our creative attempts here.

Merry Christmas by Fumy

LAGCOE Lighting Up the Holidays by Molly

Santa's Sleigh by Deborah

Lucky Star by CorinneTo learn more about The Squiggle Contest and how it was created, visit the Facebook page.